Imagine. Creatively repurposing commercial properties
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Preserving and revitalizing existing buildings is the ultimate form of sustainability.

Effective renovations must respect the architectural "soul" of a building.

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When others see dilapidated structures awaiting the wrecking ball, we envision innovative spaces that express a character that can't be reproduced with new construction.

Fun and creative spaces aren't just for design and technology companies anymore.

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Today's office must encourage social interaction to enhance the corporate culture, attracting and retaining talented employees.

We believe in Downtown Des Moines! With more than 80,000 employees, more people work in Downtown Des Moines than in any other city its size.


With a passion for innovative architecture and a desire to create inspiring workspaces through the restoration of older buildings, Encore Properties was founded in 1997. Enthusiasm for bringing renovated properties back for an "encore" continues today.


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Built in 1907, 301 Grand Avenue was originally known as the Kenyon Building, home to an advertising specialty company that printed calendars. After housing an office supply company for many years the building became an automobile dealership in the 1940s with the addition of a curved glass streamline style showroom on the corner of 3rd and Grand Avenue. Where today’s entry lobby is located, two large ramps were installed to convey cars to all levels. The building was used for monthly parking starting in the early 1980s until a fire severely damaged the ramps in the mid 1990s. After standing empty for several years, the Kenyon Building was close to a date with the wrecking ball when it was acquired by Encore Properties in 1999.

RDG Planning and Design signed on to become the building’s newest tenant and, following a $2.5 million renovation designed by RDG, moved into their offices in 1992. Emphasizing the building’s history, the 22,300 square foot open office showcases massive wooden beams, exposed brick walls, skylights, and a unique urban courtyard. The building’s renovation earned honors from the American Institute of Architects Iowa Chapter. Continuous updates have included energy efficient lighting systems and plumbing features.

The Encore Building, built in 1916, is a perfectly scaled three-story structure. Completely renovated in 2005, the 12,000 square foot building features beautiful hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and expansive windows, including 360 degree views of downtown Des Moines from the top floors. Amenities include a new elevator, new restrooms, and completely updated electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

An extensive renovation of the second floor of 516 Third Street in 2013 uncovered the original hardwood floors and brick walls of the original structure, built in 1901. A previous renovation in 1970 added two large clerestory skylights that flood the upper level with natural light. The lower floor and exterior are slated for renovation in 2014.

Our spaces are currently 100% leased. However, we are constantly searching for new properties that match our “cool building” profile. If you are interested in a creative and innovative office environment, please let us know how much space you’re looking for and we’ll contact you if space becomes available.


Perhaps growing up in a house built during the Civil War led to Kent Mauck's fascination with architectural history and building renovation. The Encore Properties CEO began his career as a graphic designer, moved on to lead his own studio and to publish "Iowa Architect" magazine. In 1997, Kent acquired a building on Third Street in Des Moines planning to renovate the vacant upper floor into office space for his growing firm. The finished space earned several awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Kent's strong desire to make Des Moines a better place to live has led to leadership roles on many civic boards and organizations including the Downtown Community Alliance, Operation Downtown, the Des Moines Arts Festival, and the Roosevelt High School Foundation.